03 July 2024

Development and Sales of SUMIDIA BINDERLESS Small Hole Boring Bar DABX type for Internal Boring of Cemented Carbide

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Osamu Inoue; hereafter "our company") has developed and launched the SUMIDIA™ BINDERLESS Small Hole Boring Bar DABX type for cemented carbide internal boring for sale as of May 2024.

The mold industry in recent years has seen an increase in carbide molds for small-diameter screws and rivets due to the spread of electric vehicles; and there is an increasing need for processes to shift from grinding and EDM to cutting, in order to improve the machining efficiency and accuracy of molds.

In response to these needs, our company has developed and launched for sale the Small-Hole Boring Bar DABX type, which enables ø3mm and ø4mm internal boring through the use of the nano-polycrystalline diamond SUMIDIA™ BINDERLESS on the cutting edge, enabling cemented carbide machining over longer periods.

pr0703 1. Features
(1)Utilising Nano-polycrystalline diamond SUMIDIA™ BINDERLESS
Fine diamond particles, with grain size of several tens of nanometres, are strongly and directly bonded without a binder under ultra-high-pressure and ultra-high-temperature environments creating nano-polycrystalline diamond. Although it has higher hardness than single-crystal diamond, it lacks the cleavability which is a weak point of single-crystal diamond, displaying high toughness. With wear resistance exceeding that of conventional PCD, it maintains excellent machined surface quality and accuracy over long periods of machining of hard brittle materials such as cemented carbide.

(2)Supports small-diameter internal boring up to ø3mm and ø4mm
High-rigidity shank material and geometry realises excellent machined surface quality even in small-diameter internal boring of ø3mm and ø4mm.

2. Lineup
 Small Diameter Boring Bars (Grade: NPD10) 6 Cat. Nos.

3. Sales Plan
 20 million JPY/year in the first year, 30 million JPY/year after 2 years

4. Price
 (Standard Product) DABX035R-02 NPD10: 64,200 JPY (excluding tax)  


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