03 July 2024

Tool Holders For Small Lathe/Autolathe Indexable Head Quick Change Holder APM Type Launched For Sales

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Osamu Inoue, hereafter "our company") will launch the tool holders for small lathe/autolathe Indexable Head Quick Change Holder APM type in May 2024.

CNC autolathes equipped with gang-type toolposts are widely used in small parts machining and there is a growing need for simplified operation to reduce tool change time, which is a major factor in productivity, and to improve operator safety. In response to these needs, our company is releasing the Indexable Head Quick Change Holder APM type.

This product is easy to use as the head can be mounted and removed simply by operating the screw attached to the shank. In addition, the joint portion adopts a polygon taper to achieve a cutting edge repetitive accuracy of within 5μm. These features significantly reduce tool exchange time and contribute greatly to improved productivity.

Indexable Head Quick Change Holder APM type Small Lathe/Autolathe Tool

1. Features
(1) High Repetitive Accuracy
The polygon shaped tapered joint and high-precision manufacturing realise cutting edge repetitive accuracy of within 5μm when exchanging heads.
*Does not include individual tolerances of the inserts.

(2) Diverse Lineup
The product lineup includes shank sizes of 10x10mm, 12x12mm, and 16x16mm, supporting various CNC autolathes. Tool holder heads support front turning (ISO insert), back turning and grooving applications, and can be used for various machining operations by just changing the heads.

(3) High Rigidity
Under CNC autolathe usage conditions, vibration and machined surface quality achieved are equivalent to those of integrated type holders.

(4) Internal Coolant Supply Without Hose
Compatible with internal coolant supply, cutting fluid discharge from the coolant hole near the insert rake face is supplied between the chips and the rake face while maintaining high pressure, breaking the chips into small pieces and achieving excellent chip evacuation. Coolant port on the toolpost contact surface also supports coolant supply without using a hose, eliminating piping setup and preventing chips from wrapping around the hose, thus reducing downtime.

2. Lineup

Shank sizes 3 items
Front Turning Heads for ISO insert 22 items
Back Turning Heads SEC-MINI Tool Holder SBT type 8 items
Grooving Heads SEC-Grooving Tool GWC type 6 items

3. Sales Plan
 15 million JPY/year in the first year, 50 million JPY/year after 2 years

4. Standard Price
 Shanks    51,000 to 54,000 JPY (excluding tax)
 Heads    56,000 to 70,000 JPY (excluding tax)    



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