27 June 2024

Sumitomo Electric Receives the “Grand Prize” in the “ShowNet Contributor Category” of Interop Tokyo 2024 Best of Show Award

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., in collaboration with Infinera, demonstrated*1 a point-to-multipoint connection service over a ROADM*2 network using our under-development metro/aggregation Ethernet switch “FTU9100” and Infinera’s “ICE-X Coherent Communication Transceiver,*3 ” which is controlled by FTU9100, for the first time in Japan at Interop Tokyo 2024 held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba from June 12 to 14. Sumitomo Electric and Infinera Japan were awarded the “Grand Prize” in the “ShowNet Contributor category*4” of the Best of Show Award, which recognizes the “top product of the year.”


We have been honored to receive this award for showing "Interoperability," which is the origin and theme of the exhibition name Interop, as well as for proposing the future of flexible optical networks using one-to-many connectivity, which is essential for realizing All Photonics Network,*5 low-cost and more extensive optical networks.

The Company continues to work to develop cutting-edge technologies through innovation that combines internal and external technologies and products to realize higher capacity, lower latency, and lower power consumption in optical network systems, including IOWN, and continue to pave the way for a more fulfilling future society.

FTU9100 will also be exhibited at our booth at the “Cable Tech Show 2024” to be held at the Tokyo International Forum from July 18 to 19.

*1 The Company’s press release on June 10, 2024
Sumitomo Electric to Conduct Point-to-Multipoint Connection Service Demonstration with Live Traffic over ROADM Network

*2 ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer) network
A ROADM network is a network that achieves high-capacity, long-distance transmission consisting of ROADM nodes. ROADM nodes have wavelength division multiplexing functions to transmit multiple optical signals with different wavelengths together, and optical amplification functions to strengthen light weakened by long-distance transmission.

*3 ICE-X coherent communication transceiver
Optical coherent transceivers from Infinera. Optical coherent transceivers are transmitter/receiver components that enable coherent communications, which are mainly long-distance, high-speed optical communications. They are capable of propagating communication data at each wavelength of light, thus increasing the amount of communication per optical fiber.

*4 The ShowNet Contributor Category consists of organizations that provide equipment and software to ShowNet, which interconnects the latest network technologies and network devices to show "what networks will need to look like in 5 to 10 years.” Approximately 95 organizations participated in it this year.

*5 All Photonics Network (APN)
An innovative network based on photonics technology, the architecture of which is being developed at the IOWN Global Forum, an international forum in which more than 130 organizations and groups are participating to create the next-generation network and information processing infrastructure. It enables direct connection between necessary points by optical paths when necessary.
“IOWN” is a trademark or registered trademark of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.

■ Reference
Official website of the Company

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