02 October 2023

Sumitomo Electric Releases the T-72M12+, a New AI-Programmed Fusion Splicer — A mass fusion splicer featuring NanoTune™ —

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. will release a new fusion splicer, T-72M12+, in EMEA during autumn 2023. Equipped with its patented “NanoTuneTM” AI technology, the T-72M12+ will significantly improve splicing accuracy and work efficiency to facilitate mass splicing.

The T-72M12+ is the successor model to the T-72M12 mass fusion splicer. In addition to the features of the previous model, such as a lightweight and compact frame, fast splicing, and high environmental resistance, the T-72M12+ offers new features, including NanoTune™, our patented AI technology.
The new model will enable faster and more accurate splicing and thereby facilitate the installation of ultra-high-density, high-fibre-count cables, which are in growing demand especially in data centres.

The main features of the T-72M12+ are as follows:

(1) Significant reduction in splicing failures with NanoTune™
Our patented AI technology is now applied to mass splicing. Splicing conditions can be fine-tuned with high accuracy by recognizing the end face of each fibre. NanoTune™ supports high-quality mass splicing regardless of operating conditions and user skill levels. This technology minimizes the need for re-splicing due to insufficient fibre preparation, such as poor cleaving.

(2) Further improvement of high-accuracy fibre clamping with the Auto Clamping Adjustment System(ACAS)
The new model has further improved the technology for automating the reliable setting of optical fibres in the V-groove, which is a critical task during mass splicing. It has become possible to set optical fibres along the V-grooves more reliably by moving the clamp mechanism up and down automatically. Highly accurate fibre clamping reduces splice losses.

(3) Special coating on V-grooves and microscope lens cover for easy daily maintenance
A special anti-dust surface coating has been developed to prevent buildup of dust in the V-grooves, which immediately leads to the deterioration of splicing performance. The coating allows dust to be easily wiped off with a brush or cotton swab to maintain high-quality splicing. The anti-dust and anti-scratch coating is also applied to the glass cover to protect the microscope, which plays a key role in observing the end face of tiny fibres. The effectiveness of NanoTune™ is maximized by constantly maintaining clear images through regular cleaning.

(4) V-grooves replacement function for ultra-high-fibre-count high-density cables
A V-groove replacement function has been added. The product can be used for 200μm-pitch fibre ribbons in addition to 250μm-pitch fibre ribbons. Any user can easily replace the V-grooves without special tools. Users can readily replace parts in the case of an emergency, such as damage to the V-grooves.

With the spread of telecommuting, telemedicine, and online lessons, the need for high-speed, large-capacity, and low-latency communication networks is expected to increase. The Sumitomo Electric Group continues to contribute to the construction of communication networks by developing and offering products that meet customers’ needs, such as further improving workability, ensuring reliability, and improving functionality and expandability.

Main specifications of the T-72M12+

  T-72M12+ (new model) T-72M12
NanoTuneTM Available
Active Clad Alignment System
Enhanced-ACAS Advanced-ACAS
Special coating on the V-grooves
Special coating on the microscope cover
Function to replace the V-grooves Available
Preventive maintenance function supported by SumiCloud™*1, 2 Available
Dimensions W 128 × D 154 × H 130
Same as on left
Weight (with battery) 2.2 kg Same as on left
Standard splice loss 0.05 dB Same as on left
Standard splicing time 11 sec. Same as on left
Heating time 28 sec. 35 sec.
Splicing and reinforcement cycles 180 Same as on left
Environmental durability
76 cm (5 sides)/IPX2/IP5X Same as on left

*1 Wireless LAN connection may not be available in some countries.
*2 A system for overall management of various types of information regarding splicing on the cloud. Management is possible with a linked smartphone.

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