27 September 2023

Sumitomo Electric Succeeds in Multiplexing of 10G-EPON Communication for Home and ICE-X Coherent Communication for Commercial Business on a Single-Core Bi-directional Optical Fiber Network

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd conducted the first validation of co-existence between 10G-EPON*1 and ICE-X coherent communication*2 by optical wave length multiplex*3 with single fiber in its Osaka Works.

Sumitomo Electric conducted a lab trial using an emulation system built in its Osaka Works. This emulation system consists of Sumitomo Electric 10G-EPON system FSU7100 and metro/aggregation ethernet switch FTU9100 containing Infinera’s ICE-X coherent transceiver*4. Sumitomo Electric confirmed no mutual interference between 10G-EPON and ICE-X coherent communication. ICE-X coherent transceiver achieves high-speed service for commercial business, along with 10G-EPON service for residential, using different wave length within a single fiber.

Sumitomo Electric expects the combination of ICE-X coherent technology and Sumitomo Electric’s expertise and experience in access networks will make innovative new products that enable extra-high-speed communication services. New services such as 5G mobile xHaul and edge computing will also be supported.


〈Validation Details〉
Title 10G-EPON / XR Optics wave length multiplex lab trial
Duration August 1-31, 2023
Place Sumitomo Electric Osaka Works, Osaka, Japan
Objective ●Validate XR Optics coherent transceiver communication over single fiber.
●Confirm no interference between 10G-EPON and XR Optics.

*1 10G-EPON
A communication protocol that is used mainly for residential internet service, in which a single optical fiber line is shared by multiple households at communication speeds ranging from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. This is an excellent low-cost method of connecting to the Internet.

*2 ICE-X Coherent communication
Infinera’s coherent transceiver technology, which achieves point to multipoint communication. It has good performance for long-reach and high-speed communication, as well as one hub transceiver serves multiple leaf transceivers.

*3 Wave length multiplex
A technology that multiplexes 2 or more communication paths in a single optical fiber. Each path is identified by optical wave length.

*4 Optical coherent transceiver
Optical transmitter and receiver parts for communication product. Coherent technology is mainly applied to long haul or high speed communication service. Coherent technology enables wave length multiplex within a single optical fiber. Typically, this technology is used as point to point topology and long distance communication.


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