29 August 2023

Sumitomo Electric Contributes to Kashiwazaki, a City of Nuclear and Renewable Energy ーSecuring Order for Long Duration Redox Flow Battery Systemー

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has received an order for a redox flow battery system (system capacity: 1 MW × 8 hours) from KASHIWAZAKI Ideal & Realistic Energy, Inc. *1 (Headquarters: Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture; President: Masahiro Sakurai [Mayor of Kashiwazaki City]). The redox flow battery system will be installed on the premises of the Kashiwazaki City Natural Environment Purification Center through Kashiwazaki IR Energy. This installation will contribute to the effective utilization of renewable energy sources, stabilization of the local power supply, and promotion of energy self-sufficiency by harnessing locally produced energy. This will be the first delivery of Sumitomo Electric's redox flow battery system to a municipal power company.

Kashiwazaki City has developed with energy industries such as petroleum industry in early 20th century and nuclear industry since 1980s. They have made significant contributions to the nation’s energy policies by supporting industrial growth and the power demand of the metropolitan area. According to the “Kashiwazaki City Regional Energy Vision,” which outlines the city’s future image and direction, the city aims to become a “city of decarbonization” by harnessing renewable energy sources. To achieve this goal, they are now in the period of “city of nuclear and renewable energy,” which is to proactively install and expand various renewable power sources.

Image of moving towards “Energy City Kashiwazaki 3.0”

To realize this vision, Kashiwazaki City and Kashiwazaki IR Energy plan to develop high-capacity battery systems alongside solar power generation systems over the next few years. With this objective in mind, they have decided to utilize Sumitomo Electric's 1MW x 8 hours redox flow battery system for long duration energy storage (LDES) to facilitate effective use and further adoption of renewable energy, and ensure cost-effective power procurement and stable power supply through integration with trading in the wholesale electricity market.

*1: KASHIWAZAKI Ideal & Realistic Energy, Inc.  is a municipal power company that offers services related to energy supply and energy utilization. It was established with investments from Kashiwazaki City and eight private companies.

■ Overview of installation plan
Redox flow battery system (8 MWh) installation conceptual image


Installation location Kashiwazaki City Natural Environment Purification Center
Product to be delivered Redox flow battery system (1 MW x 8 hours)
Scheduled completion March 2024

Sumitomo Electric has a track record of introducing redox flow battery systems with a total output of 47 MW and a total capacity of 162 MWh both domestically and internationally. Leveraging the technologies and experience it has accumulated, Sumitomo Electric strives to realize a sustainable society, including energy self-sufficiency, through the provision of long-life and highly secure redox flow batteries.

■ Features of Sumitomo Electric’s redox flow battery
Sumitomo Electric’s redox flow batteries are storage batteries that charge and discharge using the redox reaction of metal ions in the electrolytes and offer the following features, including long service life and high levels of safety.

(1) Environmental friendliness and long service life
The number of charge/discharge cycles does not contribute to deterioration according to the battery operating principles. The redox flow battery ensures a system lifetime of more than 20 years.In addition, since the electrolyte does not deteriorate, the battery can be used semi-permanently. It is a reusable and eco-friendly product.

(2) High levels of safety
Since the redox flow battery is made of non-combustible and flame-retardant materials, it features a very low possibility of fire and a high level of safety. Moreover, it allows for accurate monitoring of the state of the charge, enabling stable operation continuously for an extended period of time without being affected by charge/discharge patterns.

(3) Flexible design and operation
The output (MW) can be determined by the number of cell stacks, and the discharge time (capacity) (MWh) can be determined by the volume of electrolytes. This enables flexible design and operation with independent output and discharge time (capacity).

■Sumitomo Electric Group Magazine 「id」Vol.19
Supporting Renewable Energy --The Mission of Redox Flow Energy Storage Batteries


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