21 September 2022

Sumitomo Electric Delivers Its Energy Management System Using Storage Battery for On-site PPA Service in Thailand

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. delivered the energy management system “sEMSATM-F”*1 using a storage battery for a third-party owned on-site power purchase agreement (PPA) service*2 provided by the Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka; Director, Representative Executive Officer, and President: Nozomu Mori; hereinafter referred to as “KEPCO”) and Kansai Energy Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “K-EST”), a subsidiary of KEPCO.

Sumitomo Electric’s sEMSATM-F was delivered to the site of Kawasaki Motors Enterprise (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a group company of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Kawasaki Motors Enterprise (Thailand) signed a PPA service contract with KEPCO and K-EST and introduced 5 MW roof-mounted photovoltaic systems and a 550 kWh storage battery.

<Features of sEMESATM-F>
1. Integrated control of multiple power conditioning systems (PCSs)
In recent years, an increasing number of mega solar installations use multiple small-capacity PCSs with excellent cost performance in order to reduce initial costs. Since sEMSATM-F can monitor and control multiple solar cell PCSs and storage battery PCSs at the same time, integrated operation is possible with a single unit of sEMSATM-F.

Conceptual scheme of integrated control of multiple PCSs

2. Self-consumption of renewable energy
If the amount of renewable power generated on the consumer side increases excessively, there is the possibility of a "reverse power flow," in which surplus power flows into the commercial grid. sEMSATM-F predicts the amount of power that will be required at installation sites (such as plants) and photovoltaic power output, and it automatically charges and discharges the storage battery in combination with renewable power generation systems to avoid reverse power flow and ensure stable system operation 24/7, 365 days a year.

Conceptual scheme of reverse power flow control (Surplus solar power is charged into storage batteries during the day and discharged at night for self-consumption.)

3. Graphical user interface that enables user-friendly display and operation
By using the development platform that has been established through the past development of sEMSATM series products, Sumitomo Electric can quickly and economically provide an optimal monitoring and control system for practical use by customers. Specifically, it is possible to display the amount of reduced power output (estimated), display collected data in seconds, perform integrated monitoring of communication and measurement, schedule operation with a calendar function, and create output records. In addition, a global user interface (adjustment of time difference, English display) is also provided as a standard function.

Conceptual scheme of graphical user interface

Amid an increasing need for decarbonization on a global scale, Sumitomo Electric will continue to develop its technologies for power transmission and distribution, power storage, and information and communication and work on the development of products that meet the needs of both electric power companies and consumers in order to realize “living in safety and comfort on our green planet” through the further spread and efficient use of renewable energy.

*1: Energy management system “sEMSATM-F”
An energy management system for large-scale plants. With Sumitomo Electric’s unique architecture, it optimally controls distributed power sources, such as photovoltaic power generation systems, cogeneration systems, and storage batteries to reduce electricity costs.

*2: On-site power purchase agreement (PPA) service
A service that enables consumers to reduce their electricity bills and CO2 emissions by using electricity generated by solar power generation systems installed free of charge on the roofs of buildings on their premises by electric power companies.
For further details of sEMSATM, please see the following website: https://sumitomoelectric.com/products/semsa


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