Construction Ccompletion of ±400-kV HVDC XLPE Cable System Connecting the UK and Belgium

2019 Construction of the ±400-kV HVDC XLPE Cable System

Starting the DC XLPE insulated cable project for international interconnectors

With the increasing capacity of renewable energy sources and construction of power interconnectors between countries and regions, demand for direct current (DC) power transmission cables, which are suitable for long-distance and large-capacity power transmission, is rapidly growing around the world.

The Sumitomo Electric Group jointly developed DC cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulated cable technology with Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.*1 and completed construction of the Hokkaido-Honshu DC Interconnector in 2012. This was the world’s first high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission project using XLPE cables and has been accident-free since 2012. In recognition of these achievements, we were selected as the first Asian cable manufacturer to build a NEMO Link*2 interconnector between countries, part of the most important social infrastructure in Europe. The construction completion of the world’s highest-voltage DC XLPE insulated cable system boosted the reputation of our DC XLPE insulated cable in Europe in terms of engineering capability and reliability. Since then, we have won contracts for a ±525 kV high-voltage DC power transmission cable system in Germany, an extra-high-voltage DC power transmission system in the UAE, and systems in other regions.

As the only Japanese cable manufacturer with a track record in operation of DC XLPE insulated cables, we will continue to contribute to building important power transmission infrastructure around the world by harnessing cutting-edge technologies refined through many years of research and development and delivering many products.

*1 Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.: Currently J-POWER Transmission Network Co., Ltd.

*2 NEMO Link: UK-Belgium HVDC interconnector system by Nemo Link Ltd., a joint company between National Grid Plc (UK) and Elia Group (Belgium)

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