Superconducting Applications


Superconducting magnets and coils

High Performance, Compact
  • Since it has a high superconducting transition temperature, a conduction cooling refrigerator can be used and no refrigerant such as liquid He is required.

  • The high wire current density makes it possible to reduce the size and weight of magnets.

  • Since the characteristics of the wire are uniform, high magnetic field homogeneity can be achieved.

  • It has a wider temperature margin and enables high-speed excitation and demagnetization and high-precision measurement.

Stability, Reliability
  • It was confirmed that the magnetic field was stable for a long time even after repeated excitation and demagnetization operation. The long-term reliability of the wire has been proven.

  • Since delamination does not occur, there is no risk of magnet quench. DI-BSCCO® wire is a highly reliable wire.

  • Since the influence of the shielding current is small, high magnetic field stability can be achieved.

Sumitomo Electric supplies Type HT-SS or HT-NX wires for magnet manufacturers


Superconducting Cable

Energy Conservation
Since it is possible to transmit power compactly with a large current and low loss, it is possible to reduce the transmission loss and save energy.

Economical and environmental benefit
Since the magnetic field is shielded, there are no leakage magnetic fields and it is EMI-free, which has economic and environmental advantages.

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HTS Current Lead

He consumption reduction

By taking advantage of the characteristics of low thermal conductivity of Type G wire especially at low temperature and the characteristic of zero electrical resistance of superconductivity, heat penetration into Liq He can be reduced to 10% or less compared to copper type current leads, and He consumption is suppressed.

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