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Products about Abrasion-resistant parts/materials

Teralink™ is a cross-linked thermoplastic polymer for optical components used in SMT applications. Mechanical grades for wear-resistant gears are also available.

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Teralink™S (sliding grade)

Teralink™ is a thermoplastic engineering plastic material that is cross-linked by irradiating electron beams onto molded components. Characterized by low abrasion loss, a low friction coefficient, and high fatigue strength, Teralink™S (sliding grade) ensures a longer service life than commercially available nylon and POM, and helps reduce the face width in design, thereby achieving reduction in space.

  • Teralink™S is characterized by low abrasion loss, a low friction coefficient, and high sliding performance.

  • Due to the high fatigue strength, this material achieves a longer service life than commercially available materials.

  • The face width can be reduced by 15%–40% compared with nylon 66.

Main applications
  • Sliding parts including gears, washers, and sliders


FEX™ (cross-linked fluoroplastics)

FEX™ (cross-linked fluoroplastics) is characterized by significant improvement in abrasion durability and adhesion with base materials, while retaining a low friction coefficient. The fluoroplastics are cross-linked by irradiating electron beams. Sumitomo Electric has been developing FEX™-coated products and other application products, which are expected to reduce torque and increase durability, heat resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, mold releasability.

FEX™ test data
Ring-on-disc abrasion test (comparison with conventional sliding resin)
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