Optical lenses for infrared devices

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Teralink™T (transparent, heat-resistant grade)

Teralink™ is a thermoplastic engineering plastic material that is cross-linked by irradiating electron beams onto molded components. Teralink™T (transparent grade) is a material characterized by solder reflow heat resistance, and enables injection molding with excellent mass productivity. Optical design of lenses, etc., is also possible. A two-color-molded metal lead frame can be insert-molded in combination with the heat-resistant grade.


  • Teralink™T is highly transparent, and is designed for wavelengths of 650 nm or longer.

  • This highly heat-resistant material enables surface mounting using lead-free reflow (260°C).

  • This material is suitable for injection molding and achieves high mass productivity.

  • Two-color molding is possible, reducing the lens assembly cost.

  • Teralink™T enables optical design.

Main applications

  • Optical connectors, optical parts for substrate mounting
  • Lens and window materials for red/infrared devices
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