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Introducing Sumitomo Electric's Redox Flow Battery

Sumitomo Electric began developing redox flow batteries in 1985, and commercialized them in 2001. We deliver our products to electric power companies and consumers worldwide, and have built a track record through economic evaluations, microgrid demonstrations, and smart factory applications in distribution networks.
Redox flow batteries are rechargeable batteries that are charged and discharged by means of the oxidation-reduction reaction of ions of vanadium. They have excellent characteristics: a long service life with almost no degradation of electrodes and electrolytes, high safety due to being free of combustible materials, and availability of operation under normal temperatures. These make the batteries ideal for use in power grid systems. Redox flow batteries are thus expected to serve as a technology to stabilize the power grids that will be needed to expand the introduction of renewable energy including solar and wind power.

How Our Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Works