Main part

SEVD-V3 Main part

Operation Procedures

Instruction for Mating to the Car inlet

1. Mate the connector to the automobile.

2. Insert it firmly and check that it does not come off, then the connection is complete.


How to remove

1. Confirm that the Red mark is disappears on the electromagnetic lock display.

2. Push the release button forward and pull out the connector


Model number DC quick charger for EVs
and vehicle to home (V2H)
Rated current Power (DC500V) 25A (35.5A FUSE)
Dimensions SEVD™-V3Unit : mm
Main body Weight (kg) Approx. 0.6
Material Main body:Resin
Release button:Resin
Cable Diameter (mm) Approx. φ20 Approx. φ22
Weight (kg/m) Approx. 0.52 Approx. 0.6
Power conductor size (mm²) 3.5 4.0

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