To Become a Glorious Excellent Company
The Sumitomo Electric Group Issues “Integrated Report 2020”

To Become a Glorious Excellent Company

Sumitomo Electric has issued its Integrated Report 2020 to help various stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, local communities and shareholders, deepen their understanding of the Company.

This report explains how Sumitomo Electric creates value through its business. It presents a message from the chairman about Sumitomo Electric’s value and strength and a message from the president about the Company’s growth strategies. It also introduces its system of business deployment that contributes to the sustainable development of society through business in MoECo (mobility, energy and communications) and achieve long-term growth. In addition, the report presents messages from outside directors about corporate governance, which underpins management from a long-term perspective. It also provides information about the Company’s business foundation in manufacturing, human resources and finance, which are the sources of its value creation.

We hope this report will provide insights into the approaches the Sumitomo Electric Group is taking to continuously expand its value and the value we provide to society.

We appreciate your feedback and requests and continually strive to create a report with even more substantial contents.

Sumitomo Electric Integrated Report

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