Establishing a Company to Manufacture Rectangular Magnet Wires for Electrified Vehicles in China

— Meeting the growing worldwide demand for driving motors —

The demand for driving motors for electrified vehicles is expected to increase further due to the development and widespread use of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. To meet the global demand, Sumitomo Electric Wintec Magnet Wire(Changzhou) Co.,Ltd. in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, on March 21, 2019. The company will go into full operation in 2022 as one of the new global manufacturing companies for in-vehicle rectangular magnet wires.

What is a rectangular magnet wire?

A magnet wire is an electric wire that is used to convert electrical energy into magnetic energy. It plays an important role in various aspects of our daily lives as a key part for automotive electrical components, industrial motors and electric home appliances.

Compared to a round wire, a rectangular magnet wire can be wound without gaps in the same space. This helps reduce the size and increase the output of motors.

Sumitomo Electric started manufacturing magnet wires in 1916. Thus, the magnet wire business has a history of more than 100 years. It started production outside Japan early to assist customers that launched overseas production. Sumitomo Electric Wintec (Thailand) Co., Ltd., established in 1969, was Sumitomo Electric’s first manufacturing base outside Japan.

The Sumitomo Electric Group remains committed to developing and manufacturing high-value-added magnet wires of the finest quality and ensuring stable supply globally in order to support manufacturing in various industries.

What is a rectangular magnet wire?

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