Revolutional Style of MT/MPO for Single Mode

  • Advanced Multi-fiber Connector with Dust Tolerancy and Low Mating-force
  • The AirMT™ guarantees low insertion loss of <0.5 dB and return loss of >55 dB, which is comparable to the regular physical contact MPO connectors. These product features are perfect not only for in-equipment fiber management and backplane but also any multi-fiber connections in a harsh environment especially with high level of vibrations.

    Trade Mark AirMT is co-owned by Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd and Senko Advanced Components, Inc.


    Low mating force

    1 / 2 lower mating force

    than conventional MPO connectors

    Equivalent to MT/MPO

    IL < 0.5dB, RL > 55dB for SMF

    equivalent to conventional MT ferrules

    Mating durability

    > 300 times mating durability

    without cleaning

    What benefits the air gap in between the connectors provide

    Schematic of air gap


    • Easy cleaning

      Any dust can be easily blown away when it contaminates the connector because the dust is never smeared across the surface.

    • Low mating force

      By eliminating physical contact by the air gap, it gives low spring force and therefore gives low mating force regardless of the fiber count.

    • No epoxy in the beam

      In comparison with other similar technologies, the AirMT has no plastic material or no adhesive crossing the optical beam which affects optical properties.

    • Low insertion loss

      Precise design and manufacturing of the air gap along with anti-reflection coating give comparable optical properties to conventional MT/MPO connectors.


    Data center switches
    Data center switches
    Integrated on-board optics
    Integrated on-board optics
    Harsh environment
    Harsh environment
    5G base stations
    5G base stations




    Minimal housing design 40% reduced footprint compared to MPO.

    Ganged FACT

    Ganged FACT (conceptual)

    The low mating force has realized multiple connections in a ganged housing.

    AirMT MPO

    AirMT™ MPO

    The AirMT is designed to be interoperable with conventional MT/MPO, so they can be deployed to existing networks.

    AirMT custom solutions

    AirMT™ custom solutions (conceptual)

    Low mating force regardless of the fiber counts realizes multi-ferrule connection in a ganged housing.

    Sumitomo Electric possess all you need

    From Materials to measurement, we have all capabilities in-house to offer the optimal interconnect solution.


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