Advanced Multi-fiber Connector, AirEB

AirEB™, Innovative Expanded Beam Connector

Advanced Multi-fiber Connector that Reduces Cleaning Frequency for SMF

Expanded beam technology, air gap construction, and unique design of fiber alignment provide dust tolerance along with low mating force and connection without gender.
Simple configuration of light path and no metal components give advantage such as productivity at practical level and stability of optical property.



>300 times mating durability without cleaning

No need of the frequent cleaning, cleaning with ease.

  • An expanded beam can be tolerant of the contaminations on the end face.

  • A small gap between mated lenses prevent the particles from sticking to the end face.


No guide pins

The fiber alignment mechanics with the slit sleeve and the grooved ferrule construction are realized.

  • Reducing variety of the cable assemblies, therefore reducing amount of your inventory.

  • The connector has less component parts, so that realizes low cost and ease to assemble.

  • No guide pins or guide holes rubbed each other, never causes shavings that contaminate the connector.


Simple design

Arranges the optics in a straight path.

  • Allows reducing the accuracy of the optical axis adjustment.

  • Provides an easily mass-produced optical connector with practical characteristics.

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