SEBN-MA Tangier

SEBN-MA Tangier
Peter GULLICH CEO for the North African Region, SEBN(left) Abdelkrim BAHJI Plant Manager (right)

Located in a port town on the northern tip of Morocco, Tangier Plant is positioned in major export city to Europe.

The plant is located in a free trade zone that plays a crucial role in export of products.

(Peter GULLICH, CEO for the North African Region, SEBN)
SEBN has plants in Tunisia and Tangier, Morocco, and the Tangier Plant is located in a free trade zone near the Tangier-Med Port. Its main customers are German car manufacturers including Volkswagen and Audi. As production plants of various industries are concentrated in the free trade zone, there is a competition between the plants for excellent employees. The plant manager serves as the chair of the free trade zone committee, and the plant also has partnership with local universities, in order to develop community-based business and secure human resources.

We are working to strengthen our brand to attract personnel in a very competitive environment.

(Abdelkrim BAHJI, Plant Manager)
We have partnership with local engineering schools and universities and actively receive the students and interns to disseminate the corporate culture and education of the Sumitomo Electric Group in Morocco. I hope that further development and enhanced presence of the Sumitomo Electric Group will lead to support of the policy that facilitates economic development in Morocco. I would also be happy if our activities also result in attraction of investment from foreign countries to contribute to further growth of the Moroccan industry.

Zhor CHAHIR General Manager, Human Resources Department

We are committed to various measures to develop motivated employees

I can assert that employees in our plant have a strong sense of belonging. We hold a wide range of events to create a family-like and cooperative corporate climate. As employees spend more time in the plant than in their homes, I believe that it is our mission to make the plant an enjoyable and motivating place. This is because motivated employees are essential for the wiring harness business. The Sumitomo Electric Group has a very powerful influence in Morocco. The good examples established here will surely have good impact on other companies as well. I would like to work to enhance the systems through jobs and promote the development of outstanding human resources to help stabilize employment in Morocco.

We are committed to various measures to develop motivated employees
Ounzi ZAKARIA Manufacturing (assembly)

I learned much through various training sessions after joining the company.

I joined SEBN-MA in 2009. Even before that, I had already heard that it is a good company with a well-developed insurance system as well as employees who work with pride. Right after joining it, I received training on cables, which made me learn much about my life because I had never thought about efficiency in any duties or set a goal to evaluate my performance. I am interested in IT and hope to hold an IT-related post in the future. My dream is to realize both economic stability and my interest in IT in this company.