For filament for lighting, electrode, high-temperature furnace parts, etc,

Tungsten wire is used as filaments for lighting, electron tubes, electrodes, high-temperature furnace parts, probe pins, by making the most of its characteristics: the highest melting point among metals. Customers can choose wires from a variety of wire diameters, materials and finishing method for various applications. We also offer the world’s highest level high-purity tungsten wire by our integrated production and strictly controlled raw material and processes.

AW Features excellent high-temperature deformation resistance, blackening resistance, shocking resistance, less impurity gas, and long life.
AX Compared with conventional materials, the recrystallization temperature is higher (by 50° to 200°C), dope hole is smaller, crystal structure after recrystallization is 3 to 4 times longer, and non-sagging performance is greatly improved.
EX World’s No.1 grade filament material. It contains less impurity gas, excels in high temperature deformation resistance and corrosion resistance against evaporated metals including Al, Ni, Cr. Moreover, it has a long life.
DW Long lifetime tungsten material that facilitates emission of thermo-electrons and prevents grain growth and integranular fracture at thermionic emission temperature. We respond to coil processing, tip processing, and assembly processing upon your request.
CY(PFW) The most common pure tungsten material with good workability, excellent corrosion resistance, and less impurity gas contained.
EP,KT Dramatically reduces discharge consumption resistance by finely dispersing crystal grains.

World’s highest grade high-purity tungsten material.       
Purity 4N-W ≧99.99%  5N-W ≧99.999%

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