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Tungsten trioxide powder

Our high-purity tungsten trioxide powder is manufactured by chemically refining tungsten raw material. It is used to implove electrical characteristics (as dielectrics for piezoelectric ceramics) for secondary batteries, scintillators and ceramics.


Tungsten trioxide powder

Type Grain size (μm) WO3(%) NVR(%) Fe(%) Mo(%)
F1-WO3 0.5~1.2 ≧99.9 ≦0.010 ≦0.002 ≦0.010
A2-WO3 7~12 ≧99.9 ≦0.010 ≦0.001 ≦0.010
C3-WO3 15~20 ≧99.9 ≦0.010 ≦0.001 ≦0.010

"Grain size" is the average grain diameter according to the Fischer method.
NVR:Non Volatile Residue by Chlorination

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