Soft Magnetic Powder Core

Soft Magnetic Composites
(Mass Production)

Axial Flux Motors using Soft Magnetic Composite

Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) is a magnetic core made by iron powder in a three-dimensional shape by compaction process. SMCs are used in many applications such as automotive area because of the features that are superior in flexibility of core shape and better high frequency characteristic in the practical use than an electrical steel used in conventional radial flux motor. When using SMC as a magnetic core for electric motor, it is necessary to generally place insulation parts to secure the insulation-resistant between a magnetic core and copper winding. Our unique insulation coating on SMC enables to wind copper winding on SMC directly and reduce of parts cost and the assembly cost. Furthermore, this technology contributes to reduce the size of motor. SMC (FMCM series) shows a superior soft magnetic properties in wide frequency range, from low to high frequencies.


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