Redox Flow Battery Features

Redox Flow Battery Features


1.High Safety

The vanadium sulfate used as the electrolyte is nonflammable. So even if positive and negative liquids are mixed, they will not ignite. Flame-retardant materials are also used for other parts of the battery, thus significantly reducing the possibility of fire and ensuring a high degree of safety. In addition, the cell stack has been certified with the US safety standard, UL 1973.


2. Eco-friendly

Unlike other batteries, redox flow batteries do not have electrode dissolution or deposition due to charge/discharge reaction. This means no degradation of the electrodes or electrolyte. The electrolyte can be reused and recycled. It’s safe to say the redox flow battery is an eco-friendly circular product with a long service life and no degradation. Our redox flow battery makes circular economy possible.

Long life

3. Long life

The battery reaction principle is simply the change of valence of the vanadium ions in the electrolyte (without deposition and dissolution); therefore the life of  electrolyte is not susceptible.

Cost advantage

4. Low Life-cycle Cost

With redox flow batteries, a larger capacity means better cost advantage. The redox flow battery has a longer life-cycle than other batteries, so there is no need to replace the battery mid-use. It is highly safe and does not require special fire extinguishing equipment.
In addition, since the electrolyte can be reused and recycled, the life cycle cost can be kept low.


5. Easy Operation

In terms of battery operation, ordinary batteries require a complex system to operate, and the amount of charge in each battery varies. In contrast, since the redox flow battery supplies electrolyte to each cell stack from a single tank, the state of charge is the same for all cells, which makes it easy to grasp the remaining charge with accuracy.

Flexible design

6. Flexible Design

The number of cell stacks built into the battery container determines output power, while the amount of electrolyte determines the discharging duration and energy capacity. Since each can be designed independently, you can increase the number of cell stacks for more output or increase the amount of electrolyte by enlarging the electrolyte tank to extend the charging and discharging time with the same output.

Redox Flow Battery Brochure

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