Installations Worldwide

Grid-scale Project for Utility in Japan

Redox flow batteries are already used in a wide range of applications. 


Hokkaido Electric Power Network Project

■Customer: Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc.
■Location:Minami-Hayakita Substation
(Hokkaido Electric Power Network)
■Power and Energy: 17MWx3h (51MWh)
■Application: Enhancing grid control for new 162MW wind turbines
(e.g. Frequency regulation,Renewable generation smoothing)
■Commencement of Operation: Apr. 2022
■Operation term: 21 years


Large Scale Flow Battery Demonstration for Grid Control with Hokkaido Electric Power Network

■Customer: Hokkaido Electric Power Network, Inc.
■Location: Minami-Hayakita Substation
(Hokkaido Electric Power Network)
■Power and Energy: 15MWx4h (60MWh)
■Objective: Urgent demonstration project of a large scale power storage system,subsidized by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
■Application: Frequency regulation,Renewable generation smoothing
■Term: 2013 to 2018 (Demonstration term)
■Commencement of Operation: Dec. 2015
(Commercially operational since 2019)

Grid-scale Project for Utility in US


Flow Battery Pilot Project for Grid Applications in California (NEDO project)

■Customer: Utility in California
■Location: San Diego, California, US
■Power and Energy: 2MWx4h (8MWh)
■Application: Multiple uses of electricity market(CAISO) operation, Microgrid,Peak shaving, Renewable firming
■Term: 2015 to 2021 (Demonstration term)
■Commencement of Operation: Mar. 2017
(Commercially operational since 2022)
■First installation of grid-scale Flow Battery in the US with UL certified Cell Stack (UL1973) in 2017
■First Flow Battery have been operated in the California Independent System
Operator (CAISO) markets in 2018

・Market participation in both Energy andAncillary Services (AS)
・Operation with features of 0-100% Usable SoC,Unlimited Cycle Life


Project in Africa & Europe

UNIDO Morocco1

UNIDO Morocco Project

■Customer: UNIDO / MASEN
■Location: Ouarzazate, Morocco
■Power and Energy:125kWx4h(500kWh)
■Application: Microgrid demonstration,
Renewable generation smoothing
■Commencement of Operation:Jul. 2019
■Designed for extreme hot and dusty environmental conditions

John Cockerill-1
John Cockerill-2

John Cockerill Project

■Customer: John Cockerill
■Location: Seraing, Belgium
■Power and Energy:500kWx3.4h (1,700kWh)
■Application: Microgrid,Peak shaving,Peak cut operation,Demand response
■Commencement of Operation:Oct. 2018

Project in Asia

Taiwan Power Research Institute

Taiwan Power Research Institute Project

■Customer:Taiwan Power Research Institute
■Location: Taipei, Taiwan
■Power and Energy:125kWx6h(750kWh)
■Application:Microgrid demonstration
■Commencement of Operation:Feb. 2017

Obayashi Corporation

Obayashi Corporation Project

■Customer: Obayashi Corporation
■Location: Tokyo, Japan
■Power and Energy:500kWx6h (3,000kWh)
■Application:Peak reduction, Excess renewable power management
■Commencement of Operation: Jan. 2015


Yokohama Works Megawatt-class Energy Storage Project

■Yokohama Works,Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
■Location: Yokohama, Japan
■Power and Energy:500kWx5h, 250kWx5h, 250kWx5h(5,000kWh)
■Application:Peak cut operation,Factory energy management
■Commencement of Operation: Jun. 2012

Redox Flow Battery Brochure

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