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Protecting life and creating smiles with water. The social contribution efforts of Sumitomo Electric.

SDGs Case Study 2


The challenge of reusing industrial wastewater

In southern Taiwan, where rainfall is low and water shortages are becoming severe, businesses must reuse 85% or more of their industrial wastewater. Sumitomo Electric took part in a wastewater purification project at a large-scale refinery. Through repeated on-site demonstration tests and improvements, Sumitomo could achieve high and consistent quality of treated water, excellent operation performance with less energy consumption as well as high recovery rate.


Reusing injection water in oil field drilling

In oil fields with low-pressure oil reservoirs, water is injected into the oil field to push oil to the surface and increase production. This hydraulic injection produces large amounts of water with oil and sediment into the groundwater, which contaminates the domestic water supply.Sumitomo Electric developed a wastewater treatment and reuse system for hydraulic injection, and successfully demonstrated treatment of large amounts of oil-contaminated wastewater.

case 3

Responding to water quality regulations for domestic wastewater

In many rural areas of China, domestic wastewater is discharged into rivers, creating an environmental pollution problem. In 2015, the government enforced strict water quality regulations on wastewater. Sumitomo Electric introduced wastewater treatment equipment that uses the POREFLON (MF/UF) Membrane Module in agricultural villages and conducted field tests. This wastewater treatment equipment is now in service in more than 70 villages.

  • Future

    We will continue to promote water treatment and maintenance projects in various regions to ensure that more people have access to clean water. We will work on activities to preserve our oceans, rivers and other natural environments.