POREFLON Oil Separator

POREFLON Oil Separator

Our membrane specialists can help you maximizing the potential of high-performance membranes. Oil-contaminated wastewater is perfectly separated, so degreaser can be reused. The volume of industrial waste, such as coolant fluid, can be reduced which lowers running costs, including industrial waste costs. Our best-in-the-world membrane treatment equipment are available at reasonable costs

Features of POREFLON Oil Separator


Degreaser can be reused, reducing the volume that needs to be replaced.

Reduced industrial waste

Waste disposal costs can be lowered by a reduced volume of degreaser discarded.

Improved yield

Less volume of suspended solids and oil to the post process helps to improve product yield.

Advanced treated water quality

The treatment capability achieves a high level of treatment including a mineral oil content <5 mg/L.

Reduced environmental load

Less volume of industrial waste&recovered degreaser reduces the environmental load of your facility

POREFLON Oil Separator

Operating Structure of POREFLON Oil Separator


External Pressure Type

Direct immersion in wastewater. Continuous and stable separation is achieved thanks to the simple operation of suction filtration with the air scouring and buoyancy applied to oil

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Submerge Type

The membrane made of PTFE enables: ①Stable operation, even with strong acids and alkalis ②High durability prevents membrane breakage even during long period of use

Standard Flow of POREFLON Oil Separator


Specifications of POREFLON Oil Separator


Specifications of POREFLON Oil Separator

POREFLON Oil Separator

Further description of POREFLON Oil Separator

POREFLON Oil Separator

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