POREFLON Microfiltration / Ultrafiltration Membrane Module

POREFLON Membrane Module

POREFLON Membrane Modules are durable high-quality membranes that have chemical and thermal resistance. These modules are reasonably priced and easy to handle.

Features of POREFLON Membrane Module

Chemical resistance

The module can be cleaned with various chemicals from pH 0 to 14 including high-concentration alkali


The hollow fiber membrane with high tensile strength is durable against shaking and flexing.

Thermal resistance

Membrane filtration applications are possible at temperatures up to 200°C (392°F).


The high porosity ensures high permeability and offers excellent water treatment capability.

Energy saving

The proprietary aeration system offers efficient air scouring for membranes.

Easy handling

The PTFE hollow fibers are treated to be hydrophilic enabling ease of transportation&installation

Oil resistance

POREFLON is less prone to clogging, allowing treatment of oil-contaminated.


Poreflon™ Module is derived from a porous separation membrane that was developed using proprietary processing technologies