POREFLON Membrane Treatment System

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POREFLON Membrane Treatment System

Whether it's wastewater treatment that combines biological treatment with membrane filtering (MBR), or pure water treatment for drinking water, Sumitomo’s membrane treatment experts can propose high-performance systems that maximize the functions of the POREFLON membrane for water and wastewater treatment. Sumitomo provide world-class membrane treatment facilities at reasonable prices, with complete service programs.

Features of the POREFLON Membrane Treatment System

Space saving

Our facilities can treat wastewater with highly concentrated activated sludge using compact equipment.

Labor saving

Settling tanks are not needed, eliminating the need for tank management, as well as expert knowledge and experience.

Water quality improvement

Solid waste, E. coli, and other waste are thoroughly eliminated, allowing use as recycled, irrigation, or drinking water.

Quick turnaround and low cost

New and enhanced treatment capabilities can be added quickly, without large-scale expansion.



■ Options Chemical cleaning units and aeration tanks can be added for custom designs. ■ Extensive product lineup The standard product lineup has units with processing capacity from 50 to 800 m³ per day. ■ Technical Service Our complete service system ensures reliable long-term use.