High performance grades are available for furnace parts, heaters, etc.

Beyond molybdenum wires, rods are also available. As a high melting point metal easier to be processed than tungsten, it is mainly used for high-temperature furnace parts applications. We have various wire diameters and finishings according to the application. We also offer materials that have higher performance by adding trace elements (TEM), taking advantage of our integrated production.

MOP The most common pure molybdenum material with high melting point, high temperature strength, good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and excellent workability.
MOS General molybdenum materials may cause pitch irregularities when grids are formed with  high-speed coil winders. For MOS type, we improved coiling performance and working range by adjusting components from the raw material stage.
TEM A high quality molybdenum material that has overcome the disadvantages of conventional molybdenum, brittleness and deformation at high temperature. It has excellent high temperature deformation resistance, high recrystallization temperature, and wedge-shaped recrystallized structure. It is excellent in impact resistance even after being used at high temperature; it also allows for deformation processing at normal temperature, with foldability better than pure molybdenum. 


Application Non-sag Shock
Machinability Wear
MOP Structural materials, Heaters, Bolts, Nuts
MOS Grids, Mandrels, Anchor
TEM Supports, Heaters, Bolts, Nuts, Supporting shafts for X-ray tubes.

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