Heatspreaders for power modules, industrial machinery and automotive (HEV)

MgSiC Standard materials are light-weighted and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, 7.0 ppm, and high thermal conductivity, 230 W/(m・K). The composition ratio of Magnesium (Mg) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) can be adjusted to offer customized thermal expansion. There is little variation in warping and the warp shape can be maintained stably after heat-cycle testing.

Material Trade Name Composition Features Coefficient of Average Linear Thermal Expansion
Thermal conductivity R.T.[W/(m・K)]
Mg-SiC Mg-SiC 18Mg-SiC Since it is lightweighted, it is suitable to be used in larger size; in addition, it has stable warpage, excellent high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. 7.0 230

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