New Products 2020-2021


Ballnose Endmills

Nano-polycrystalline CBN Tools

Ultra-high precision for direct milling of hardened steel dies
Ideal for direct milling of high hardness materials such as hardened steel molds.Maintains long-term high accuracy and excellent surface finish.

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Radius Endmills

Nano-polycrystalline CBN Tools

Ultra-high Efficiency and Long Tool Life in Machining of Exotic Alloys and Hardened Steel
Ideal for finishing of exotic alloys like Ni-based heat-resistant alloys and mold materials for Additive Manufacturing.

SUMIBORON BINDERLESS Radius Endmills image

We strongly support
our customers' CRAFTSMANSHIP!

Tool Engineering Services

Sumitomo Electric offers systematized tool engineering services to its customers in order to guarantee satisfaction for their machining needs.

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Offering our customers learning courses to enhance customer satisfaction.

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