New Products 2020-2021


MDM Series

Coated Carbide Drills for Stainless Steel

Innovative bean-shaped oil holes and new coating are ideal for machining stainless steel and exotic alloy!

Stable in a wide range of conditions for a long tool life!

MDM series
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NeXEO MDE Series

Coated Carbide Drills

Innovative General-Purpose Drills

Suitable for a wide range of Materials, from high-carbon steels and die steels to stainless steels.
Stable Drilling for small machining center and lathes.

NeXEO MDE series
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SSR Series

Solid Carbide Reamer

Rewriting the Book on Reamers, From Small Diameters
High efficiency and high accuracy achieved through excellent cutting edge quality and gradual right-hand helix flutes, along with a dedicated coating for reamers

SSR image
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SMD Series

Replaceable Head Drill

The Ultimate in Low-cost Drilling

New indexable head MSL type is ideal for the drilling of soft steel and stainless steel.
A total of 148 items has been added, including cylindrical shanks holders with flanges.

SMD image
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We strongly support
our customers' CRAFTSMANSHIP!

Tool Engineering Services

Sumitomo Electric offers systematized tool engineering services to its customers in order to guarantee satisfaction for their machining needs.

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Offering our customers learning courses to enhance customer satisfaction.

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Inquiry about Drills/Endmills

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Feel free to contact us for drills/endmills as well as questions, feedbacks, and requests.

An expert staff relevant to the inquiry will respond you with an appropriate answer.


「SumiTool Calculator」
Handles the complex equations used for turning, milling, and drilling.

「SumiTool Converter」
It displays the related product of SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES, LTD. when input kinds of grade and breaker.

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