Molybdenum sheets / plates with welding prevention effect during firing

Do you have problems of stuck or reaction during singtering process? Our unique ceramic coated molybdenum plate not only prevents workpiece from stuck but also provides various advantages. If you conventionally use ceramic plates, you will be able to shorten furnace cycle time, increase charge quantity of parts, and enhance quality of burned material. If you use molybdenum plates without coating, stuck will be prevented and the ceramic plate will become unnecessary. Coating composition can be selected according to sintering product; in addition, it can be coated not only to plates but also to boats and other processed products.

Application Coating type Color Examples
of composition
Examples of operating
(in hydrogen atmosphere
or in vacuum)
Sintering MIM product
(SUS-Mo, W alloy system)
Alumina White Al2O399.0% 1400℃ 30 to 150μm
Alumina-Titania Gray Al2O3-2.5%TiO2 1400℃
Alumina-Zirconia Gray Al2O3-43%ZrO2 1700℃
Zirconia -Yttria Cream ZrO2-8%Y2O3 1400℃
Zirconia - Silica White with black spots ZrO2-33%SiO2 1400℃

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