Al-SiC (Sintered Aluminum-Silicon Carbide)

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Heatspreaders for ECU, MPU, DSP, System LSI, Router LSI, etc

Sintered Al-SiC is a heatspreader which can be processed in relatively complex shape such as “lid shape”. The specific gravity is 1/3 of Copper (Cu). By adjusting the composite ratio of Aluminum (Al) and Silicon Carbide (SiC), it is possible to customize the thermal expansion to required specification. With its young's modulus as small as 1/2 of iron, it can also be used as stress relaxation material. And, the surface has excellent adhesion of adhesive bonds.

Material Trade Name Composition Features Coefficient of Average Linear Thermal Expansion
R.T.~120℃ [ppm/K]
Thermal conductivity R.T.[W/(m・K)]
Al-SiC β8 70SiC-30Al By using a special mold, it can be manufactured cost-effectively without processing. The thermal expansion coefficient is variable according to the package type. 8.0 140
β9 65SiC-35Al 9.0 130
β14 45SiC-55Al 14.0 160

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