2019 Interns

Sumitomo Electric offers various career opportunities and aims to realize "the right person in the right position" from a global perspective. We've asked people from various roles and businesses around the world to tell a little about their experiences and their thoughts about Sumitomo Electric Group. Meet our people below.

PHOTO:Puneeth Prahalad

"As a student who wanted to shape his career in the field of radio frequency, I was very fortunate to have found this internship."

Electrical Engineering

Intern at Information Network R&D Center of Radio Transmission Systems Department

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Jannis Küpper

"By far, the most interesting part of the internship was the incredible personal development that occurred in just a few weeks."


Intern at Analysis Technology Research Center

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Adam Nyka

"Having the opportunity to work or intern in Japan has always been one of my goals."

Automation and Robotics

Intern at Advanced Automotive Systems R&D Center

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Andrew Trinh

"The most interesting and invaluable thing I obtained from this internship was a better understanding of my place in the world."

Computer Science

Intern at Internet of Things R&D Center

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Wan-Yin (Anny) Liao

"No matter which aspect of SEI interests you, you will definitely learn something during your time here."

Japanese Studies

Intern at Human Resources Development Department

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Silvia Mrtini

"The internship helped me develop technical and soft skills that will be useful in my future career."

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Intern at Power Systems R&D Center

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Rong (Grace) Xie

"Understanding the kind of career I want was the most valuable lesson this intership taught me."


Intern at Human Resources Division Global Human Resources Planning Group

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Chang Zhang

"After being an intern, I am more certain that I am interested in hardware, instead of programming or data analysis."

Applied Physics

Intern at Transmission Devices Laboratory

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