Holding the Sumitomo Electric Athletics Festa 2023
– Community-oriented social contribution activities –

On Sunday, October 15, we held the Sumitomo Electric Athletics Festa 2023 at the Sumitomo Sogo Ground in Itami City, Hyogo. The day turned out to be a crisp autumn day, and the event proved a great success.

We held athletics classes for elementary and junior high school students in Itami City with members of our track and field team as guest coaches. The Sprint 50 Challenge* in Itami 2023 was also held, where randomly selected students from across the country competed against athletes representing Japan in a dream match. In para-athletics, we held men’s and women’s high-speed 100 meter sprints with para-athletes and a racing wheelchair experience event.

Athletics class/Koike (right) and Mikase (left)
Athletics class/Koike (right) and Mikase (left)

In the Sumitomo Electric Athletics Festa, the Kansai Industrial Track and Field Federation has hosted the Japan Record Challenge Track Meet and the Sumitomo Electric Cup since the first event in 2012. The powerful performances of top-class athletes striving to break Japanese records have brought much excitement to the events.

Based on the Sumitomo Electric Group Basic Policies on Social Contributions, we are committed to community-based social contribution activities, aiming to live in harmony with local communities. As part of our commitment, we promote local sports activities through the organization of athletic lessons and competitions with the Sumitomo Electric Track and Field Team playing the main role.

We strive to be trusted and loved by local people through the athletic lessons given to local kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school students. The Sumitomo Electric Athletics Festa is an event that can be joined freely by local people.

*Sprint 50 Challenge and its logotypes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Amuse Inc.

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