Sumitomo Electric’s New Advertisement “Connect with Innovation” Released


We have released a new advertisement with the theme “Connect with Innovation,” the tag line of the Sumitomo Electric Group. The new advertisement features Yuki Koike and Shuhei Tada, who are active in sprints as members of the Sumitomo Electric Athletics Club.

The “Connect” in the tag line represents our determination to contribute to the development of society by connecting the value created by the activities of the Sumitomo Electric Group with stakeholders and society as a whole.

In addition, the “Innovation” shows our enterprising spirit in further reinforcing our strengths, namely core technologies accumulated in a wide range of fields from materials engineering to process optimization, and responding to social changes swiftly and appropriately.

In track and field, the performance of the Japanese national team is remarkable, especially in the 4 × 100 m relay, where Japanese athletes are setting records one after another and surprising the world. Yuki Koike and Shuhei Tada of the Sumitomo Electric Athletics Club are among such athletes, demonstrating their excellent performances in the relay. They work hard every day toward setting new records and achieving their goals, demonstrate the results of their hard work in the global arena, pass the baton to the next runner (Connect) without fail, and surprise Japan and the rest of the world with their amazing results (Innovation). This process shares our determination shown in the tag line “Connect with Innovation” and also our corporate philosophy, leading to the production of this advertisement.

here to download the advertisement.

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