Enjoy High-Definition and Vivid Images More Easily with 4K Broadcasts

—Sumitomo Electric to offer a set-top box for 4K satellite broadcasting in April 2019—

Cable Plus™ STB-2, a set-top box for 4K satellite broadcasting
Cable Plus™ STB-2, a set-top box for 4K satellite broadcasting
Cable Plus™ STB-2, a set-top box for 4K satellite broadcasting

On December 1, 2018, 4K/8K satellite broadcasting started in Japan. 4K/8K broadcasting offers higher-definition and more vivid images than conventional hi-vision broadcasting. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications expects that 4K/8K broadcasting will be widely accepted and that many viewers will enjoy 4K/8K programs on commercially available TV sets by 2020 when the Olympic/Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo. In fact, 4K/8K broadcasting is likely to be deployed on a full scale. Against this backdrop, Sumitomo Electric has developed the Cable Plus™ STB-2,*1 a set-top box for cable TV operators that supports 4K satellite broadcasting and voice commands.

A set-top box is a terminal that converts the cable TV broadcasting signals into a form that can be displayed on TV. The Cable Plus™ STB-2 supports 4K satellite broadcasting. Equipped with a triple tuner, the set-top box can record two programs at the same time*2 while allowing the user to watch another program. Android TV™ allows the user to download various applications from the Internet and to enjoy movies, music and games and obtain information for daily life on TV. Google Assistant™ is also supported to enable operation by voice command to a remote controller included in the package or a Google Home™ speaker. The content search by speech input enables the user to search the broadcast programs, VODs and contents on the web at the same time.

The Cable Plus™ STB-2 will be offered to cable TV operators across Japan through KDDI Corporation from April 2019 in stages.

*1 The Cable Plus™ STB-2 does not support 8K broadcasting.
*2 Some operating conditions must be met for simultaneous recording. An external hard disk (separately available) must be connected to the Cable Plus™ STB-2. TV programs can be recorded on a DLNA-supported recorder on the same home network.

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