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Sumitomo Electric Group CSR Foundation: Presentation ceremony

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of its foundation in 2007, the Sumitomo Electric Group established its basic policies on social contribution. The Group is promoting social contribution activities under the themes of “respecting human resources,” “attaching importance to technology,” and “contributing to the improvement of the environment and society.” The Sumitomo Electric Group CSR Foundation (President: Osamu Inoue), a public interest incorporated foundation established in 2009 based on these basic policies, has so far made donations to 17 university courses, provided grants for 162 academic and research projects, and paid scholarship benefits to a total of more than 900 students (total amount of about \1.2 billion).

In February 2018, the presentation ceremony for fiscal 2017 was held and the representatives gave a presentation of the research achievements. Associate Professor Mitsuru Hayashi, Kobe University, who gave a presentation on tsunami marine hazards, expressed her intentions, saying, “I will widely make public the research results and promote countermeasures in cooperation with public agencies and the private sector for the benefit of society.” Assistant Professor Tomohisa Takamatsu, Tohoku University expressed his gratitude by saying, “I am really grateful for the grants provided to research projects in new fields, where actual achievements will come in the future.”

This Foundation will continue to widely contribute to society by making donations to excellent university courses that contribute to the development of industrial society, providing grants for pioneering and creative natural and social science research projects aiming to solve important current issues, and paying scholarship benefits to talented students both in Japan and abroad.

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