Yasuyuki Shibata

Pride in supporting Social Infrastructure. Striving to make a contribution to the world through our power cable business

Inherited spirit of “profit for others” Our DNA of social contribution

Wishing to contribute to society through infrastructure-building, I joined Sumitomo Electric.

I was first assigned to the Power Utility Sales Department in Osaka, and worked as a sales representative in charge of the regional power utility for 13 years.

I learned so much from demanding senior colleagues and clients. I believe that this was when I laid the foundation for my later development which made me what I am today. The fundamental business elements were hammered into me, such as being committed to customers to the fullest extent; being sure to fulfill the promises I made, whether big or small; and seeing through any job until the end. One of my most memorable job was to establish a power distribution cable system for the opening of Kansai International Airport. It was a project which I was given broad discretion.

To ensure the safety of the cables, we had no choice but to transport all the power cables by sea vessel. We also proposed joint delivery with other companies in order to improve efficiency. Thus, not only supplying the products as a manufacture, but also to satisfy the customer’s operational and management needs as well. I believe today this would be called “a solution provider.” In our ardent desire to commit ourselves to our client, we were very determined. At the end, we accomplished the project successfully.

I also remember how we had contributed to the reconstruction efforts after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Immediately after the disaster hit, we rushed to our clients by bicycle. In the worst afflicted areas in Kobe, where land routes were disrupted we chartered ships to go by sea. Till this day I will not forget when we met with our clients to restore power cables, with aftershocks continuing. Directly observing the reality of the disaster, we felt that we needed to address the situation by any means, propelling us to take action. In addition, we devoted ourselves to satisfying a request from local residents to light up the Kobe Port Tower as a symbol of the restoration from the disaster. There was concern that if the power cables installed on both sides of the bridge to “Port Island” were cut, the entire island would lose power, so we made every possible effort to avoid such failure. Joined by many members of our production team, we worked very hard as a truly united team. These restoration efforts made me keenly aware of the grave significance of the social responsibility for our infrastructure business, as well as our inherited DNA and spirit – “profit for others.”

World’s first cable with heat resistance up to 90°C Meeting global power cable demand

Presently, we are focused to expand our overseas power cable business, where there are a wide variety of needs. For example, overhead conductors and wires are needed in several African countries, which are still in the initial stages in building its power transmission infrastructure, while submarine cables connecting islands are highly in demand in ASEAN countries, and submarine cables for distributing power from offshore wind farms are needed in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Moreover, Europe is currently observing progress in international power interconnections, leading the demand for submarine power distribution cables throughout the world. Amid this situation, how can we enhance our presence? – Our attempts to answer this question have already begun.

One of our epoch-making initiatives was the project of installing a submarine cable between the UK and Belgium (Nemo Link). In addition, we were also engaged in a huge project in India for electricity generated from a hydro power plant in the North to transmitting power to the South, greatly helping to improve the daily lives of local residents. One of the reasons why our power cables are highly value lies in its excellent features. Generally, direct current(DC) cables are employed in long-distance transmission lines. Our DC cables feature excellent material properties, enabling continuous use at 90°C, approximately 20°C higher than our competitor’s products, and can also be used for bi-pole* operation. Our cables are the world’s first innovative product that can be used at higher temperatures compared to other cables, and thus realizing smaller conductors which leads to considerable economic and environmental advantages.

We dig deep down to identify our client’ needs before developing our products. Our reputation for having a sincere, earnest attitude combined with technological expertise is gradually spreading all over the world. We have pride as a world-leading manufacturer in long-distance power cable technologies. We also provide power cables for developing countries as well, which help improve the daily lives of local residents. In addition, we provide support for many European countries as part of their shift to renewable energy. I believe that our efforts are directly connected to helping to solve global-scale issues.

* Switching between positive and negative voltages depending on the operating conditions.

Sumitomo Electric Group The Professionals ~Yasuyuki Shibata~
Sumitomo Electric Group The Professionals ~Yasuyuki Shibata~

Implementing the Sumitomo Spirit Relationship of mutual trust moving work forward

We are proud that we underpin society by establishing infrastructure, and I feel that this pride serves as our cornerstone. At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, I was responsible for the sales of communication cables. All our related staff devoted their energy to reconstruct the communications network to ensure phones could be used at evacuation centers. Furthermore, when the disaster struck, we had already secured the order to deliver power cables to Russky Island in eastern Russia, where the APEC meeting was held back in 2012. Despite great confusion due to the damage of our manufacturing plant before shipment from the Tsunami, we managed to deliver the products as scheduled by following the Sumitomo style of “being sure to fulfill promises with our clients.” As a result, we received a letter of graditude directly from our Russian Client’s CEO. I feel that what serves as the cornerstone of our actions is our pride in underpinning infrastructure.

Looking back on what I have done as a businessman over the past 30 years, I found that I have worked with different clients and in different fields, however, I realized there were no changes in how I worked: to always be aware that business is founded on mutual trust between people, that my sincere and earnest attitude will surely strike a chord with my business partners, and that the established relationship will always prevail. This is why I am committed to my clients to the fullest extent. I am convinced that such commitment constitutes the basics of the Sumitomo Spirit, such as Banji-nissei (Do your sincere best not only in business but also in every aspect of life), and Shinyo-kakujitsu (Place importance on integrity and sound management), and which ultimately leads to solving various social issues.


Yasuyuki Shibata

Joined Sumitomo Electric

General Manager, West Japan Communications Sales Department

General Manager, Communication Sales Department

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Executive Officer

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Sumitomo Electric Group The Professionals ~Yasuyuki Shibata~

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