Franziska Nachtwey


Franziska Nachtwey

Major: Undecided.

Intern in the Super Hard Materials Research Department

Franziska is from Germany, currently studying at Kiel University. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Education. Franziska interned at our Super Hard Materials Research Department at Osaka for 10 weeks.

Why did you want to intern at Sumitomo Electric?
Sumitomo Electric is a wide-ranging company. To have the opportunity to link the geological knowledge I have acquired with economic projects would be a groundbreaking experience for my future life. Of course, I could also get to know what is, for me, a new country with a different culture.

What was the most interesting thing you learned from this internship?
There was so much to learn! I quickly realized that the challenge of adapting to new circumstances and different conditions is something I really enjoy. Obviously, it was an adventure and a pleasure to enter the culture of Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI), as well as to take my first steps in the Japanese language. What was particularly striking was the friendliness of the people, as the warm welcome into the team was very touching.

What was a typical workday like for an intern at SEI?
In Itami Works I was able to work on my own project. Under meticulous guidance, I was taught how to work in the scientific field. I helped assemble samples, learned various measurement methods, and undertook an analysis of the results. It was incredibly exciting! The help of the team, from whom I was able to learn a lot, was particularly indispensable.

How has the internship helped shape your career?
This internship has broadened my horizons. The opportunity to gain such an unmatched experience has opened up new perspectives for me. Now it is clear to me which professional direction I would like to take after graduation. In addition, my decision to work in international companies has been strengthened.

What advice do you have for future students considering this internship?
Do it! Even if it seems like a complicated undertaking, or the possibility just seems too big, I can only recommend everyone to apply. An internship can show you what you want to do in the future, or which professional field appeals to you personally.
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