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SEI Electronics Materials, Ltd.


Company Profile

SEI Electronics Materials, Ltd. (SEIEM) was established by Sumitomo Electric Industries, 2000 at Hukou, Hsinchu county, Taiwan. Its main products and sales are as below, sufficient to provide a complete material solution of III-V compound semiconductors.

GaAs, InP, Epitaxial wafers
- GaAs substrates (Semi-insulating/Conductive; 4", 6", 8")
- InP substrates (3", 4", 6") and MOCVD epi wafers
- GaAlAsLPE epi wafers (3"; 940nm, 880nm)

- Heat dissipation materials: CuW substrates, CuMo substrates, AlN substrates.
- Ultra-compact RGB laser module (RGB-One™) *New products*.
- Procurement of Taiwan partners' material and to establish partnership with Taiwan companies

With the advent of high-speed broadband communications such as 5G and 6G, the high efficiency and low power consumption of compound semiconductors can fully meet the demand for high bandwidth and low latency.

GaAs wafers
GaAs Wafers

Sumitomo/SEIEM's GaAs/InP substrates are widely used in RF Power Amplifiers (PAs), WiFi, Low Earth Orbit satellites (LEOs), VCSELs for Face recognition (3D Sensing) and LDs and PDs for fiber communication, etc.

Looking ahead, GaAs/InP wafers are also expected to be used in new markets such as Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR), next-generation Micro LED displays, Electric vehicles, and data centers.

The ultra-compact RGB laser module (RGB-One™) will be suitable for use in smart AR glass.


tel : 03-668-2327 (Chubei, Hsinchu county)

Human Resources:
tel : 03-598-4518 (Hukou, Hsinchu county)

GaAs Wafers
Left: 200 & 150 mm GaAs wafers, Right: Heat dissipation materials, CuW substrates, CuMo substrates, AlN substrates
RGB Laser Module
RGB Laser Module
RGB Laser Module