Leading the global market with some of the world's best optical fiber, production technology, transmission devices, compound semiconductors, access devices, and more

Overview of business

Recent advances in the infocommunications field, such as more widespread use of cloud services and the arrival of 5G, have dramatically increased data traffic. The Sumitomo Electric Group is responding to these changes by making use of our extensive base of technology, including transmission devices, compound semiconductors, access devices and some of the world's best optical fiber production technology, to achieve high-capacity, high-speed communication. In the 1970s, we began producing optical fibers, which are now an essential component of the communication infrastructure our society relies on. Among them, those for ultra-long distance submarine systems with a transmission distance of over 10,000 km are required to exhibit high quality and high reliability. We have built a presence in the industry with our high technical expertise as represented by the Z fiber, which is an optical fiber developed for ultra -long distance submarine system applications. The Z fiber broke the world record for low -loss optical fiber.
Other strengths of ours include production technology for ultrahigh-fiber-count optical cables and software development for video and optical access devices. We lead the global market with initiatives such as collaborative vertical integration from raw materials to finished devices to develop compound semiconductors for optical and wireless applications.

Initiatives to carry out our mid-term management plan

As part of our mid-term management plan, we will take measures to ensure that we are able to keep with demand for optical and electronic devices and optical fiber cables as communication data volumes increase and the 5G market gains a foothold. We are developing and promoting a variety of highperformance products to meet diversifying market needs, including ultra-low-loss optical fibers for submarine cables, ultrahigh-fibercount optical cables, data center products such as optical interconnection devices and access network devices for 4K video distribution and 10G-EPON (a 10-gigabit shared optical fiber network).

VISION 2022 Mid-term Management Plan: Segment Strategy

Optical fibers
Optical fibers

Examples of our initiatives to solve social issues

Z-PLUS Fiber® 150 ULL

With the rapid evolution and popularization of smart phones and video streaming services, there is a demand for higher performance optical fibers that can transmit more information at once. There is a particularly strong demand for lower transmission loss in optical fibers for long-haul transmission systems connecting continents. Our Z-PLUS Fiber 150 ULL is an ultra-low-loss products that have been realized by combining our world leading mass production technologies and newly developed low-loss technologies. We have also expanded the effective core area (cross-sectional area of the part where signal is transmitted) to achieve optimal transmission performance in high-capacity digital coherent communication technology, which is rapidly becoming more widely used. In particularly submarine cable system, the product is expected as contributing not only to an increase in transmission capacity and an extension of transmission distance, but also to a reduction in the total cost of the system by reducing the number of expensive equipment such as optical amplifiers.