Traffic Signal Controller

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Our Traffic Signal Controller is provided for many countries

The controller is adopted to wide system scale from a stand alone system to a large scale centralized system. Combination with our vehicle detector, such as image processing vehicle detector, or ultrasonic vehicle detector, etc., it controls traffic signals and pedestrian signals with optimizing the traffic flow. At the area cooperation system, a series of controllers is coopered with each other, and the traffic flow is optimized at a street or a block level using the offset parameters. And for the centralized system, traffic is optimized by the whole district level of a city.



  • Advanced traffic signal control

    Advanced traffic signal control can be realized with 32-bit microprocessor and specific LSI for traffic signal control.

  • Standalone type or central control type are selectable.
  • Variety of optional functions.
  • Manual or Half-manual

    Manual or Half-manual Operation from the Front Panel and from mobile terminal.



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