Integrated Traffic Control Systems (ITCS)

Creats safe and optimal road condtions

ITCS is a large-scale traffic management system that achieves safe and smooth road traffic. This system realizes optimal traffic management for cities and environment by providing traffic information via various media and controlling signals based on the result of traffic information analysis collected by detectors on roads. Sumitomo Electric provides a wide range of products, from detectors, signal controllers, central devices, to data transmission devices. These products are adopted in many facilities across the country including the Metropolitan Tokyo Traffic Control Center, the Japanese largest traffic control center.

Signal Control Algorithm

Signal Control Algorithm "MODERATO-S" realizes optimal signal control to minimize waiting time at intersections with the collaboration of "macro control" which controls the overall road network by the central device of traffic control centers, and "micro control" which is processed by each traffic signal installed at intersections.


Traffic Control System Introduction Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


The advancement of ITS can solve urban traffic problems

  • Sumitomo Electric installed signal controllers, vehicle detectors, and cameras at 115 intersections in Phnom Penh and developed a traffic control center to optimize traffic flow in the city.

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